Meditation around the world

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Meditation Glass, knows that they are getting an authentic Mindful Glass tool worthy of a mindful learner interested in the environment and spending time in reflection.

Rebecca Vander Sys  

Artist. Mindful Glass

  I like to melt glass and am learning to meditate. I make handmade glass meditation tools to remind us to meditate, go for a walk outdoors or to just hold for a calming moment.

     Before I created Mindful Glass I was just playing with melting glass without a focus or purpose. I had just moved downstate and had a garage full of boxes, an unfinished sandy yard and this new goal to learn how to show/sell my glass lampwork online.

Then one day  

      I broke my wrist and had lots of time to think and meditate. It was my ‘forced mindfulness retreat.’  I wanted my glass to help others with their meditation or help them remember to get out in the environment and be in our beautiful world. My kids live and work in all different time zones and parts of the planet. so I was thinking of out west rock, Sri Lankan tropics, and northwest forests landscapes.

I was concerned…     

        that I didn’t know enough about the computer or how to reach those who appreciated handmade glass. But then I thought we could learn together and I could write about my path.  Maybe you are on a similar learning path.

So once the cast…

    was off, I set out to create the most unique and inspirational tokens and document my path along the way.  I used the places my kids are for inspiration.  Water, green trees and rock seemed like a good place to start.  If you have an idea I am open!

It turns out the road …

      was more difficult than I imagined.  I had issues with my printer and computer.  I had trouble with the most simple tech and I am password challenged.  I feared no one would like my work or no one would come to my site and sometimes I got discouraged of course. 

Now my wrist…

     is healed, my yard is half done and there are still boxes, but I have learned so so much about how to put a web business together. There is so much more to do. The learning continues.  

One step …

    at a time or as my mentor Renae Christine would say, one bite at a time …”if I don’t stop I will not fail.” 

     Through it all, we released our first products and the responses has been comforting … Thank you  😉


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