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This week I met 2 new people that are dealing with hard things  and searching for peace or a new path. I know this issue well and have been a ‘searcher’ for most of my life. You can tell by my huge book collection!

I have recommended many books over time but ‘The Artist Way’, by Julia Cameron was my common standard for many years. Now her book ‘Its never too Late to Begin Again’ is a new favorite because it focuses on helping you find a way to find your way later in life.

I usually read books but lately there is so much online. I read online  at Medium.com,  Elephant Journal , Postanly Weekly and MindBodyGreen and many newsletters  in addition. Such as Srinivas Rao, James Clear, Benjamin Hardy.

Yesterday I read about Todd Hermans new book, ‘The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life’ and reserved a copy that will come out in February.  He has helped many athletes and business people for years and has used this concept in his coaching.  The idea is that we can use an alter ego to help us do hard things.

An example Todd used, was a football student not taking the shot he needed to and passing it off to another player.  After working with Todd he created a persona that he used to step up his game.

I am introverted and found it hard to speak in front of a group of high school students (It was much worse when I was in high school) until I put on the  art teacher hat and stepped into the teacher role. I was relating as a teacher that had 45 min to teach the curriculum. It did not feel like it was about me.

What is the new Rebecca’s super power? What super power can help me be a online guide/personality/teacher?

So I related to Todd’s concept for his book. Maybe you do too?

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