Earlier in 2020

I was making ‘Mindful Masks’ and selling on my etsy.com/shop/mindfulglass I was using found fabric and selling 2 masks and including an extra one to give to a worker such as at the grocery store.

Now, when there a so many masks available I see that keeping our mask close and clean is more of a priority for me. Since I have so many handmade glass beads I am working out the best way to make my Mask Keepers.

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“I love it! Helps when I’m in and out of my office” D.A.

“I love my mask keeper! I wear it all the time. I rely on my mask keeper when I travel, when I am out walking or shopping. It is so convenient and reassuring that I always know where my mask it. It is a huge safety asset this days. Plus it is beautiful with the stunning glass beads on it. I love it.” KCK