One Step At A Time

I keep thinking I can say I am …DONE.

But, there are still many links to fix, spacing, spelling errors and on and on. Then also of course the SEO, analytics and a new product line to launch.

The mantra that has kept me going is from my mentor, Renae Christine with Ultimate Architect, “One bite at a time”. It is in reference to ‘how do you eat an elephant.’ Another that goes along with this idea is ‘if you don’t quit, you haven’t failed.  This has been a two year+ project but if we keep learning, then I hear we stay young!  I was told 20 years ago that I couldn’t do computers and that also has been a motivator to prove wrong.

During the last years I have learned some basic computer skills but with a website there is always something new. Online marketing is also a big topic with continuous changes which is not surprising since ‘online’ is relatively new.  We got our Apple llc when my oldest was in 7 th grade. Mid 90’s I think. Now the concerns are for using technology too much, for our kids and for our selves.

So…what I learned this last week is that I have been guessing about my keywords. Those are the words you type into any search bar if you want to find anything these days. So SEO is search engine optimization. It is a huge project because there are subtle differences or changes in how you do it. Like adding an ‘s’ or the order of words you use.

Another challenge is that there are not a lot of others that have decided to do what I do so I may have to try more ideas…should have done this long ago but I see more clearly now. We all start from where we are.

My goal is to sell glass reminders with an enviornmental reference to your favorite places in the world, or your calm spot. You would choose your glass token, talisman or bead to remind you to do what you set your intention to do.

My intention is different for each day or sometimes for the week. Such as, I intend to walk daily, focus on my business, balance time with family, eat healthy,etc

The mindful glass carabiner could be clipped on your bag or water bottle. It could hang around your neck on a cord, on a lanyard/ keyring, or set on your desk by the computer.

Where is the best place for you to see it and remember to do what you intend?