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Meditation /Keep Trying

It takes time to remember to meditate and then to sit still for more then 4 minutes! I am working up to eight minutes. From the beginning of this goal I would try to meditate in the morning or before bed…and sometimes I forgot.  Since I was logging in my journal I knew that I was missing days. It is so hard to start new intentions. I have been wearing a Mindful Glass talisman/token around my neck and chanced to touch it this morning.  I was sooo frustrated with the computer and passwords and thought that ‘my new goal’ would be to meditate when I was overwhelmed or frustrated. Maybe that’s an OH Duh! to you, but for me it was a Big awareness! After 5 min of meditation, I was able to start again with a more clear head. In the past during meditation, I was  continually  wondering if I could stop yet.  My goal so far is to use an app so that I can pick the number of minutes. I tried setting the timer but it was a shock to hear it.  So I guess I could try a quieter timer! To be notified when there is a new blog post or to hear the latest news, please sign up for the newsletter. Email sign up and coupon code: http://eepurl.com/drs3Vb    

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