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Forced Mindfulness Training.

Life Challenges In the past  I thought my main  life challenges  were always about relationships and being a public school art teacher.  This past year I retired, planned a house, built it,  substitute taught high school art for six weeks, then moved a 100 miles south from where I raised my kids. It felt right but it was a bit much for one year. My revised big shift  was smashing my radius, a bone in my left wrist. After three weeks I then had surgery because it was not in proper position. What a mind shift to not be able to even touch the fingers on that hand to steady anything at all.  My art was always two hands, things like metals, clay,  sewing, gardening, knitting and of course glass. The surgery extends the recovery time and I have been thinking of this time as mindfulness training. I have been reading about meditation and trying to meditate. My daughter says that is what it is about, trying. So I do that. Lampworking My medium  is melting glass, known as lampworking. A two handed activity with a propane and oxygen torch. I also design and wire the beads.  Previously I did art shows and had a lampwork teaching studio and gallery. Now I am working on making  meditation tokens  or reminders to keep your mindful intentions front of mind. The larger lentil shaped glass can be held as you contemplate  and the smaller ones could be clipped to a bag or a water bottle as reminders of your intention. Starting Over Since the move I am taking classes from Renae Christine  to learn about marketing for a product based online business.  There are many YouTube videos by Art By Starla Moore  and many others.  Now that I am on hold with melting glass, I …

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