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Mindful Searcher

This week I met 2 new people that are dealing with hard things  and searching for peace or a new path. I know this issue well and have been a ‘searcher’ for most of my life. You can tell by my huge book collection!

I have recommended many books over time but ‘The Artist Way’, by Julia Cameron was my common standard for many years. Now her book ‘Its never too Late to Begin Again’ is a new favorite because it focuses on helping you find a way to find your way later in life.

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Meditation /Keep Trying

It takes time to remember to meditate and then to sit still for more then 4 minutes! I am working up to eight minutes. From the beginning of this goal I would try to meditate in the morning or before bed…and sometimes I forgot.  Since I was logging in my journal I knew that I was missing days. It is so hard to start new intentions. I have been wearing a Mindful Glass talisman/token around my neck and chanced to touch it this morning.  I was sooo frustrated with the computer and passwords and thought that ‘my new goal’ would be to meditate when I was overwhelmed or frustrated. Maybe that’s an OH Duh! to you, but for me it was a Big awareness! After 5 min of meditation, I was able to start again with a more clear head. In the past during meditation, I was  continually  wondering if I could stop yet.  My goal so far is to use an app so that I can pick the number of minutes. I tried setting the timer but it was a shock to hear it.  So I guess I could try a quieter timer! To be notified when there is a new blog post or to hear the latest news, please sign up for the newsletter. Email sign up and coupon code: http://eepurl.com/drs3Vb    

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Which Color Pallette Makes You Think of Your Favorite Calm Place?

For me,  I am recharged by water, in any form really. Kayaking on the river, time at the beach or even the bath!  My second favorite is green for a walk in the woods or spending time in the garden.  What is your favorite place? Or what color would remind you to take time to be calm? Maybe you need a reminder for an intention. Mindful Glass specializes in handmade glass pieces that can be used to set intentions and practice mindfulness throughout the day. They are made by melting soda-lime glass on a metal rod over an open flame. The molten glass flows and can be shaped by hand movements and tools. Each piece of Mindful Glass is unique. Different color palettes can be selected for different intentions. Like prayer beads, talismans, and other mindfulness tools, Mindful Glass can be held to focus on the present moment, remember a loved one, transition to healthy habits, or support an environmentally responsible practice. The goal is to support personal growth and wellbeing and help create a better world. Mindful Glass donates to Beads of Courage, a nonprofit that serves children living with serious illness. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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