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New year/Updated goals

As with so many people with goals, I have given up on one already …I have postponed trying to make my Etsy show up here, and it is still January. : ( I will try again later. I decided that there are some things that should be done first. Make more listings for http://www.Etsy.com/shop/MindfulGlass. Fix the listings with better SEO, better pictures, the list is long…… I have been learning from Amy Eaton, Snap Sell Succeed, and have switched from FotoFuz.com for a white background to Light Room. Now to learn the steps again. I used to teach kids how to use the darkroom and take pictures with a SLR. So much is different now. DSLR (D means Digital!), and the adjusting is on the computer. (Where Was the picture and where did it Go?) I taught the kids to never shoot ‘bullseye’ and have your subject in the rule of thirds. Now bullseye is right for a product and you shouldn’t have part of the product out of the frame. Glass tools to help you mindfully mind yourself and your environment . FaceBook Group/ Mindful Minders..Mindfully mind yourself and the environment. Join me in the group to connect with others on the meditation – environmental journey. What are you thinking would be small things that we could do that would add up. Which reminds me of the book I am reading ‘Atomic Habits” by James Clear..Small changes, or small improvements will compound over time. Mindful Glass specializes in handmade glass pieces that can be used to set intentions and practice mindfulness throughout the day. They are made by melting soda-lime glass on a metal rod over an open flame. The molten glass flows and can be shaped by hand movements and tools. Each piece of Mindful Glass is unique. …

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